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Business Leading Into Success with Smile (BLISS)

Customer Relation Management is an essence for any business today. From just a small shop to a huge call centre. A package that can keep customers happy as well as gives a comfort to manage them is Bliss for every businessman.

You keep your customers happy with your product but Bliss happily manages them. A single happy customer is Bliss to business any way.

    The software we have can integrate the existing modem of your computer to support full Telephone protocols and can make your computer in to a call centre.

  • Ease of Operation (EOO):

  • Bliss is based on Microsoft Windows platform. It does not need any special skills to install,customize and operate the product.

  • Little Resource Management (LRM):

  • Bliss needs very little disk space, memory and CPU resources to operate.The database size is of course depends on your business.

  • User Configurable Database (UCD):

  • Bliss offers you a full configurable database design. Choose your own fields, name your own fields also make it mandatory the way you want it.All this without any database Administrator!
  • Multi Database Support (MDBS):

  • Multi Database Support (MDBS): Bliss offers you to work with any standard database. From stand alone PC Microsoft Jet Engine (Access)™, MSSQL™, Oracle™ and shortly on POSTGRES™ too! This means that you can have a database on any platform like WindowsNT™, Windows2000™, Novell NetWare™, Linux™ and even on Unix™.
  • Regional Language Support (RLS):

  • Bliss gives you a flexibility to have user interface in any standard regional language.

  • Pre-configured Database:

  • For specific business solutions, Bliss offers a Pre-configured database design.

  • Alter Database:

  • Bliss allows you to change your database at any time without losing your data.

  • Database Synchronization:

  • Bliss allows you to synchronize and unify the database across your branches.

  • Full TAPI Support:

  • For managing the customers, Bliss offers a full Telephone Application rotocol Interface (TAPI).

  • Caller Identification:

  • Bliss has an ability to detect the caller identification by displaying a telephone number from where the call is placed.

  • Caller Track Transaction (CTT):

  • Before even you answer the call, Bliss tracks the last transaction you had with the client and displays it. You can address the call by personal name to give a surprise or wish for Birthday and Anniversary or even track his needs for your product.

  • Voice Mail Merge (VMM):

  • Introduce your product, or remind all your clients about party invitation by voice mail merge.Type a message or read a message and Bliss will call all or selected clients and will play the same.

  • Paper Mail Merge:

  • Customized a single letter to be sent to all the clients. Bliss can do that. You can have the letter templates ready for your standard letters.

  • SMS Mail Merge:

  • Bliss can send a same SMS message to all selected customers in one go.

  • Email Merge:

  • In one go, Bliss can send customized email message to all selected customers.

  • Pager Mail Merge:

  • Bliss can send pager message to all selected pagers in one go.

  • Text to Speech (T2S):

  • Type a message and have Bliss to read it for your customer over a phone line.

  • Voice Recording::

  • Bliss can record all the incoming calls and store them. This feature can also be activated using caller identification.

  • Continuous Redial:

  • Have Bliss to redial the busy numbers continuously.

  • Management Information:

  • Bliss offers a powerful management information tool to do sales analysis, customer analysis.

  • Product Linking:

  • Bliss gives a customer and product link.

  • Alarms & Auto emails:

  • Bliss can generate audio and visual alarms and can generate reminders on specific dates. It also can send an email.

  • Customized Query:

  • With Bliss, you can query a database the way you want it.The design of query is as simple as any drag drop procedure.

  • Export Import and Archive:

  • With Bliss you can import or export the database with the customizable sequence. The old data can be archived to save the disk space.

  • Rapid Query Logic (RQL):

  • Bliss uses specially developed query algorithm gives fast results on any database.

  • Character Based Printer Support:

  • Bliss supports all standard printers. Most important is that it supports the character base printing on dot matrix printer. It also supports pre-printed stationery. This gives you a fast report printing.

  • Full support:

  • Full technical support, FAQ and all upgrades are available on our website.

  • Help:

  • Online help is available. The printed installation manual is included.

    The Telephone features are completely dependent on type of modem and type of exchange. Bliss does not come with own modem.If you are not sure about your telephone exchange facility or the feature support from Modem, we recommend you to download the test program from the site, before purchasing the product.

    You can download Test Program For Modem

    Bliss is actually a combination of Scheduler and Call Centre software.

    Here is a comparative feature list. This is for the general reference and should not be taken as an authentic document.

    Feature/Software Casio sync Goldmine Organiser Outlook Tracker Bliss
    Address Book Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Profession wise pre definition No Yes No No No Yes
    User configurable Yes Yes No No Yes Yes
    Field configurable No No No No No Yes
    Data base Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    User configurable No No No No No Yes
    Multiple in one session No No No No No Yes
    Choice of Data base No No No No No Yes
    Network base No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Alterable after installation No No No No No Yes
    Alterable after entering the data No No No No No Yes
    data base synchronisation No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Export / Import and Archiving Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Search and Find Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Alterable after installation No Yes No Yes No Yes
    Alarms on field No No No No No Yes
    Alarms visual Alarms No No Yes No No Yes
    Alarms based on calendar No No Yes Yes No Yes
    Yearly repetitive alarm NoNo Yes NoNo Yes
    Regional Language Support NoNoNo Yes No Yes
    Caller Identification and last transaction pop up NoNoNoNoNo Yes
    Product Linking No Yes NoNo Yes Yes
    Sales Linking No Yes NoNo Yes Yes
    Cash memo printing NoNoNoNoNo Yes
    Character based printing NoNoNoNoNo Yes
    Mail Merge No Yes No Yes Yes Yes
    Email Merge No Yes No Yes No Yes
    Fax Merge No Yes No Yes Yes Yes
    SMS Merge NoNoNoNo


    Pager Merge NoNoNoNoNo Yes
    Voice Mail Merge NoNoNoNoNo Yes
    Text to speech converter NoNoNoNoNo Yes
    Speech Processing NoNoNoNoNo Yes
    TAPI Support NoNoNoNoNo Yes
    Credit Card scanner support NoNoNoNoNo Yes
    Answering Machine NoNo Yes NoNo Yes
    Continuous redial No No Yes No No Yes
    Auto modem detection NoNoNo Yes No Yes
    On Line help Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Web Support No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Mail Templates No Yes No Yes Yes Yes
    Preview and Spell Check NoNoNo Yes No Yes
    Dial a stored number Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Follow up Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Scheduler Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
    Memo Pad Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
    Appointments Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No






    US$ 100