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Pristine (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)

We are engaged in designing and development of Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) software - Pristine.

The complete SCADA software is modular. The basic functional diagram of the total system is shown in the figure below. These modules are to be dragged on the graphics editor, set the parameters and click 'Run'. The software will start by itself.

The modules can be described as:

1.Input Module

This module can be placed multiple times on the Graphics Editor. Each module can represent one instrument. The data can be picked up on any protocol. RS 232, RS 485, MOD BUS, PROFI Bus, I2C, LAN or any type of Modem. The pick up registers are other parameters can be programmed on the editor itself. The algorithm for reading intervals can be programmed.

2.Real Time Data Collector

he module collects the data on the real time basis and it uses the algorithm to store or to generate Alarm and Controls.

3.Data Base Interface

he Data Base interface module stores the data in a data base. The data base is completely user specific. It can be Jet Engine Access, MSSQL, Oracle, PostGress etc.

4.Alarm Module

The Alarm module generates various alarms on the parameters. The mathematical compound calculation based alarms are also possible. The Alarms can be Audio, Visual. Also they can be user re-set table or auto-reset table.

5.Data Viwer

The multiple windows data viewer is useful to view any real time data coming out of any instrument.

6.Graphics & Trend Viewer

This is again a multiple window module which gives the graphical representation of various reading and their comparisons. Various types of colored graphics can be plotted.

7.Statistical Analysis & Forecasting

The module based on previous data and ratio can calculate, compute and forecast the various parameters.

8.Control Module

Based on the parameter, or combination of parameters a control can be defines. This control can be activated by any PC port like IR, USB, Serial, LAN or specially designed I/O card.


There is a complete user level security. The layout files can be generated and used by the different access code users. Hence, using the same hardware, the various schema files can be generated based on the application.

Hardware Need:

Any Intel Pentium Based PC with 133 MHz or higher speed. Minimum 64 Mb of RAM, Minimum 100 Mb of Hard Disk space. Keyboard, Mouse and color monitor with SVGA 1,024 X 768 64 color capacity display.

Operating System:

The product is tested on following versions of Microsoft Windows Operating System Windows Xp™,Windows 2007™,Windows 2008™,Windows 2010™ , Windows VISTA.

We also have Android version of Pristine.

Pristine Main Screen :

The Pristine Main Screen contain all modules and Utilities togehter,so that user can access any modules or any Utility by using this Pristine Main Screen.

Pristine Data Analysis Module:

This module shows the analysed data and also gives a graphical view of the analysed data.

Pristine Data Viewer Module:

The Pristine Data Display Module is front-end module that will display the processed data in different forms.

Pristine Alarm Module:

A new alarm can be created using the Alarm Module and its triggered when events occured at that particular time.

Pristine Task Schedular Module:

The Pristine Task Scheduler Module helps you schedule automated tasks that perform actions at a specific time or when a certain event occurs.

Pristine Data Transfer Module:

This module Upload the files according to interval time.

Pristine Data Processing Module:

This module prcess the data after a particular interval time.

Pristine Schema Generation Module:

The Pristine Schema Generation Module will be used for performing operations on schemas.

Pristine Data Definition Module:

The Data Definition Module is used by the user to access existing entries stored in the form of tables in the database or to add new entries into the tables stored in database or to delete some entries from the existing data stored in the database .

Pristine Data Report Module:

The Pristine Report Module is used to view reports on various Parameters, Instruments, Schemas , Alarm, User and Task.