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We at KAIHATSU, are concentrating on Devlopment...

The company was started in 1994 by the group of professionals having an expertise in various technologies. Kaihatsu is involved in Renewable Energy Sector. Although the main concentration is in Solar Energy, but Kaihatsu has considerable experience in Wind, Micro Hydro and Tidal wave projects. In the Solar sector, Kaihatsu has undertaken projects in Solar Thermal and in Solar Photovoltaic. After the Indian Government announced Generation Based Incentive Scheme in 2009 for Solar Projects, Kaihatsu, with past experience of small solar power projects, entered into the MW level Free Field Grid Interactive Projects.The practical experience of working in Indian companies as well as working abroad was an added advantage.

Broadly the work of Kaihatsu can be classified as:

We place our sincere apology that due to confidentiality of nature of development we will not be able to disclose details of jobs undertaken for our clients.

The details of the experiences are listed below:


We can offer a consultancy in electronics, Radio Frequency, Software and Technical Management.

Technical Service Provider:

If the company does not have a technical team but selling the products in India, then we can undertake the job of technical service providing. This helps the company to keep the expenditure restricted till the time full fledge technical service centre is set up and also to establish in the market using high level professional services. The knowledge of Indian customers, their needs and specifications as well as local power line and environmental conditions help us to develop the product best suitable for India.


The development is undertaken as a product or project. In both cases we assume full responsibility and time based deliverables. The total documentation of the development, complete technology transfer is given to our clients.


We have undertaken some of total turn key projects. They include setting up of voice and data call centre, radio frequency controlled electrical load management network, pollution monitoring network. One of the project which we have got repeated orders from various states pollution control boards are of pollution monitoring network. Following figure explains the total project Click to view

Product Development:

We have undertaken various hardware and software developments.

  • Hardware Electronic Product Development:
  • Kaihatsu has undertaken the various hardware development in Industrial and consumer sector. They include Schematics, PCB Layouts, prototypes, testing and certifying. We have also undertaken the FPGA code development, micro controller based designs.

    Another achievement is successfully retrofitting the old cancer diagnostic scanners (which were using valve tubes) and converting them into PC based stations. This is achieved by keeping old mechanical assembly intact. There by saving a large amount of money for our customers.

  • Software Products:
  • We have developed box pack software as well as tailor made software both in engineering side as well as in commercial and web forte. A strong hardware base makes our products unique in nature. Products are based on Microsoft development tools as well as on Linux operating system. Bliss is Customer Relation Management software with strong telephone interface. Similarly, Pristine is a SCADA software. Graphics software like Ladder editor, Data Loggers on Serial port and some of our tailor made engineering software. Pro is our mini Enterprise Resource Planner software ideal for small and medium business houses. These are our commercial software products. We have also done some web hosting and web development jobs.

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>> What we offer

1. Policy Selection

For renewable energy projects, timing and policy is the key for business success. Kaihatsu analyses these and can suggest the best way to undertake a project.

2. Site Selection

All renewable energy projects are site dependent. Kaihatsu can undertake the measurement of solar radiation data, wind site data, substation analysis, soil analysis and can give recommendation for the best suitable site.

3. Technology Selection

Based on radiation and soil condition , a technology has to be selected to generate the best output. Kaihatsu can calculate that, run computer selections, make all calculations and select the optimum technology so that maximum profitability is achieved.

4. Supplier Selection

Based on selected technology, Kaihatsu can select the proper supplier. One of the differences between an EPC contractor and Kaihatsu is that, Kaihatsu keeps supplier negotiations completely transparent. Kaihatsu undertakes price negotiation with the supplier along with the client. This gives the optimum cost of plant to the client.

5. Finance Tie Ups

Kaihatsu has got some tie ups with financial institutes, prime bankers, Renewable Energy Funds in Israel and some other exim bank funding from other countries. Kaihatsu prepares detailed bankable project report (DPR) and undertakes techno commercial discussions to arrange for the finance.

6. Plant Design And Construction

Kaihatsu undertakes full plant design, engineering layouts, drawings and detailed calculation.Kaihatsu along with the construction team completes plant construction. Kaihatsu remains as an active supervisor during construction.

>> Our Advantages

1. Energy Independance

In recent years electricity rates have soared, far outpacing the rate of inflation. Most experts feel that rate hikes will continue, and perhaps even worsen. Investing in solar allows you to own your own power plant, instead of renting power at an inflated price. It allows you to lock in your electric rate at a fraction of today’s electric costs, and it makes you immune from future rate hikes. It’s also worth noting that investing in renewable energy such as solar power reduces our dependency for rapidly depleting conventional energy sources.

2. Financial Savings

The long term financial savings of investing in solar power can be quite significant. The declining costs of equipment coupled with the substantial rebates and incentives makes it a great time to invest in solar. System paybacks are shorter than ever, financed systems yield positive cash flows, there is a high annual rate of return compared to popular investment vehicles, and there is an immediate increase in home value.

3. Better For THe Environment

Generating your own electricity reduces your consumption of fossil fuels, therefore minimizing the emission of pollutants and greenhouse gases. Over the warranted lifespan of an average sized residential system (5KW), you can expect your system to offset 250,000 pounds of CO2 which is the principal contributor to global warming. This is equivalent to offsetting over 150,000 miles driven by the average car, or planting 21,700 square feet of trees!

4. Dependable Technology

PV modules were developed for use in the harshest of environments, outer space. They are still used on almost all satellites due to their proven reliability. PV modules have no moving parts, have no emissions, are silent, and are virtually maintenance free. You can expect the PV modules to provide you with 20-30 years of trouble-free electrical production. The industry standard warranty of 25 years is a testament to PV modules reliability, which is unmatched by just about any other manufactured good.


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