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    Product Type

    Case Binder Patch Programme

    Software Product

    Case Binder

    Version Number

    1.0 onwards

    File Description

    Patch for Alphabetical Content Listing in Case Binder software

    File Version



    The Listing information in case binder programme is based on first enter first display mode.This patch will convert the listing information to alphabetical mode.

    Installation Information

    Stop the running Case Binder Programme.

    Rename the present Case Binder.EXE file as Old Case Binder.EXE

    Download this EXE file on present case binder programme folder

    Rename this file from New Case Binder.EXE to Case Binder.EXE

    Reboot the machine.

    Operating System

    Microsoft Windows 95 onwards

    File Type


    File Size

    764 kB


    English U.K.


    Must need Case Binder Programme

    User License

    Free to users of Case Binder



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    Any Other Information

    Once the patch programme is copied then it is overwritten. If you need to go back in First Enter First Display mode then it is not possible.

    You can copy the old file.

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